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Re: Lots of ??s. don't hate the newbie. I'm a CD virgin

I have a bit of a crazy stash here...we are still hitting the learning curve (I kind of wonder if that will ever end though)...

I own a BumGenius 4.0 and LOVE it! I would buy more if they didn't cost so much.
I also have 2 Kawaiis and 12 Sunbaby pocket diapers. I love them, as does DD.
Lately I find myself using more and more prefolds and flats...

I used some cotton knit material to make a fairly thin flat that I add a soaker to when I fold it. You can also use receiving blankets as flats! Just fyi because people tend to give them as gifts and you have a ton of them. The super cute prints are a bonus.

My covers consist of Blueberry and Flips.
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