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Re: Lots of ??s. don't hate the newbie. I'm a CD virgin

Originally Posted by FamiLEE View Post
And wha exactly is a trial? Do I buy some from them and if they don't work out I send them back? And if I like them I keep them? No exactly sure how it works. get to keep what you like and return what you don't...or if your baby grows fast basically return them all as outgrown, but have a sense as to what you will get next, and not have the hassle of trying to sell off a bunch of random stuff. The thing is, even if YOU like something, your baby may not be able to tolerate it eg. I thought I'd go with newborn fitteds and the Thirsties son could not stand being even the slightest bit wet and pitched a fit in any dipe that didn't have stay-dry. But I had to wait until I could sell my NB diapers and covers before I could afford to get others. It was a drag and if I had it to do over, I would do a diaper trial even if it costs a little much less hassle.
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