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Re: Need help cleaning something extra gross!

Don't think its very green- don't really know, but barkeepers friend will remove those rust stains. We have to use it in our bathroom because of lots of rust in the water. Be prepared to remove the stains frequently, its not really a matter of being dirty- its strictly the water. Even with a softener those spots come back quickly. And when our salt is out in our softener they start to appear within a day. Which is why we just use bar keepers friend- we can scrub like normal and be done cleaning. I don't have the time or the energy not to mention we can't let something sit and soak in our bathroom for 24 hours. I have tried vinegar and baking soda- it did not work for us. Never tried peroxide. DO NOT use bleach, it will set the stain.

You can use lemon juice and salt- saturate with juice and top with salt. Let sit 24 hours. Be careful with scrubbing since that sink is probably plastic.
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