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Originally Posted by tibeca View Post
It is 100% normal for babies to NOT sleep through the night.
Yes this! My 6 month old nurses numerous times in a night, we cosleep which has helped so much, also I removed the clock from our room so I don't care how often or when she gets up. Also my 2 year old still doesn't sleep through most nights, it's quite normal for little ones to wake.

Can you catch a nap? Or go to bed earlier?

Also food allergies will make for miserable sleep, please cut out all known allergens for two weeks minimum and see if sleep doesn't improve, then don't allow any breeches (effects can last two weeks each time!) Excema is incredibly itchy and can keep a person awake, so can allergen induced stomach aches. I know that's difficult, my lo has many sensitivities and my diet is very limited, but it's worth it to have a happy, healthy baby!
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