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Re: House is for sale- how does it look? pic heavy

You must have experience in this! The room with all of the randon stuff is our school room/playroom. The table is where we do school work so the chalk board and desk make sense, but I do see how the day bed and dresser could make it look confusing. The dresser holds hidden toys and the daybed was our kids crib. They use it as a reading area. I don't think they will think the house wasn't big enough though. It is too massive- with extra rooms such as that giant sunroom. It is too much room for me. I want to downsize!

I very much dislike the living room window treatments so I do think they should go! We only have nice wooden blinds- no cheapos. Also the lighting has all been recently updated with the exception of the fan in the master. I do think a new fan (oh and a new comforter!!!) in the master would make it look much better though.

It is a tough market here, so I could use all the help I can get. I will take everything said into consideration!

Originally Posted by raymark View Post
1. I would take down all personal pictures. Buyers want to imagine themselves in a home & that's difficult when you showcase your family. Also take down anything that showcases your personal taste or doesn't look like it is worth much $$. A blank wall is much better than a wall that has what some could consider a cheap print that isn't even their taste.

2. Make each room serve 1 clear purpose. The dinning table, clothes dresser, school desks, & day bed all sharing the same space is confusing & screams out to buyers that your home was not big enough for your needs & won't be big enough for their needs.

3. Paint each room 1 light neutral color or white. The darker golden yellow in your family room isn't for everyone. You also appear to have a couple rooms that have walls of different colors - its distracting & too personal of a color choice. Again, potential buyers are going to feel your presence in the home & that is bad.

4. Update your window treatments. They need to look new, current, & neutral. Cheap plastic blinds are a no-no as are your curtains in your family room & bedrooms.

5. Update your light fixtures & outdated calling fans. Buyers want to feel like they are taking a step up & can't when so many permanent fixtures appear to be from the bottom price limit of a big box store 10+ years ago.

6. Make your finishes match. In both a bathroom & kitchen I see gold door knobs/hinges & silver cabinet pulls. Gold door knobs & hinges are a no-no & more expensive looking hardware on all cabinetry would help to hide that it is outdated builder grade cabinetry. In yet another bathroom there is a gold door knob, stainless steel tp holder, & dark pulls on the above the toilet cabinet.

7. Get a much nicer faucet for your kitchen sink.

8. Purchase matching appliances.
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