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Re: Am I missing anything with this "birth plan"?

Thank you for the bullet points but I have 2 questions.

I don't mind the pacifier being used in the NICU. I figure it just one of those things that I have to deal with in the NICU, and I had a micro-preemie that was bothered by older babies screaming in there. I would rather my child not stress out a more ill child. Would that be confusing to have it allowed in one spot but not in well baby?

Also I know that the baby will likely have to go to the nursery in well baby for my PET scan. I could likely have them in the same room for a short time but when I do the actual scan I assume they wouldn't let them even be with dad alone for security reasons. The scan normally last about 30-45 minutes.

The stark naked thing I don't need to worry about. This will be my third c-section there and I never dealt with that.

Oh and the experienced nurse for the port is because not all RN's deal with ports. Certainly not typical OB nurses. So I need an oncologist nurse to access the port. They are under vacuum pressure and so the "normal" nurses are scared of them. Should I say "oncologist" nurse?
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