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Re: Lots of ??s. don't hate the newbie. I'm a CD virgin

I was just coming back on here to post much of what the pp said.....

1) u need to decide why u r cloth diapering - this will help u narrow down the field
Cost savings?
Cute factor?
All natural fibers?
Health of the baby?

2) u need to decide what ur willing to spend - this will REALLY narrow down the field
It is VERY easy to overspend, so think of a realistic budget and decide ahead of time how much wiggle room u have with that

3) remember in the is a DIAPER....there to do 1 job - hold in poop and pee. If u find something that does that job with a reasonable level of accuracy, stick with it and stop trying other things. (Unless trying other things is in the budget).

4) I try to remember the above thing when I'm tempted to try new things. Then, I think about the things we can do with that money that I wanna spend on an unneccessary diaper and I quickly change my mind. I just don't wanna spend unneccessary money on diapers when I can spend it on other things that I value more (babysitting so my husband and I can go on a date, a sewing project for my oldest daughter, etc). When I put it that way, the unneccessary diaper loses its appeal and I quickly become content with my stash.

Hope this helps....
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