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Sudden frequent urination

So my son will be 23 mos on the 11th and we have been PL'ing for a month now. He's been doing great and was having no accidents unless we forgot to prompt (he is great at telling us he has to poo but not so much with the pee, so he would simply go when we put him on the potty or when we saw him doing his potty dance). Suddenly, the last few days he is peeing non stop and having accident constantly. From just dribbling a bit to full out pees in his pants. This morning he has peed 4x in 2 hours. I have a dr appt later today but am wondering if anyone else has experienced this? He doesn't have a fever, isn't complaining when he urinates so it doesn't seem to be painful, and isn't constipated as far as
I can tell (soft movements 1-2x a day). TIA!
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