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Re: Feb chat for Feb Mamas!!!

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
Krista we have a snake which is no issue for me but giant birds really freak me out

I saw the midwife yesterday and had my NST and BPP. The midwife tried VERY hard to strip my membranes but his head was so tight against my cervix she could barely get in there. We decided on 6:30 Saturday morning for the induction. The lady who does the BPP could not believe how big Fionn's foot was Please wish me luck tomorrow and that he comes out easily and healthy. I am a nervous wreck. Hopefully Sunday afternoon I will be able to update with pics.
He's just a snuggle bug. He'll snuggle up on my chest and say "snuggle snuggle snuggle". And he's only about the size of a robin.

Now you go rest up and have some hot cocoa or something else relaxing!

Originally Posted by Steph Ed View Post
We just had to change our truck battery. Thank goodness it only died when DH was using it!

Cleaning cages is so not fun! We had a sugar glider for a couple of years, and he had a big cage, but not that big. Maybe you can talk DH into doing it for you? Lol!
Yeah, DH said he would do it (which was a HUGE thing, since he doesn't really like birds), but it's tax season (he's a CPA) and he is working 6 AM to 6 PM, 6 days a week, so he won't ever really do it.
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