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Re: My mirena story *possible trigger*

Sorry I haven't been back to check on the thread. My story has now taken another turn. I have been having painful bowel movements with some min. bleeding - this has increased and I have been too scared to go back to the Dr because knowing all too well it has to do with the mirena found *there*. But I cannot take it anymore and I told DH about this and he basically made me call a GI dr. I was seen and now have to have a colonoscopy. It was scheduled for this past week, but my kids came down with that nasty norovirus and I had to reschedule. So it will now be tuesday. Basically the GI dr said if any penetration/tearing/or even bad scarring I will need to be referred to a surgeon to fix the problem. I then asked my aunt who has her BSN and works with a surgeon, and she said that would at least require a surgery to fix it, and may actually require a couple surgeries in stages and a fecal bag in between surgeries. Nice. This is just so messed up.
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