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Originally Posted by tibeca
My oldest weaned, with encouragement, at 38 months, after tandem nursing with her sister for 9 months.

I am currently tandeming again, with a 6 month old and 26 month old. The 26 month old is only allowed to nurse 3 times a day (morning, nap, bedtime) or when I offer. At the very least, you can put limits on your nursing, so that you can feel better about it. Tandem nursing can be very exhausting.
We do limit it. Mornings, nap time and bedtime, but it's still so frustrating. Cause if he's on a boob and then the baby needs to eat, he has to get off and he gets upset. Sigh. And he asks for it constantly. We've done the 3 times a day thing for months and he STILL asks all the time for it. I think ultimately I'm just going to have to suck it up.
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