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My advice is start simple and build from there. If you know you want to make the commitment, don't make a huge investment on any one type of diaper right away because you never know what you will end up liking and disliking. Different diapers are good for different stages in baby's life, and you may find yourself changing it up every couple of months!

But, for me a perfect stash is one that can be washed easily, versatile, and packable. I have cut out all microfiber because it's just too high maintenance and doesn't hold up to heavy use as well as cotton or other natural fibers. For longevity wool covers def take the cake but PUL covers are easy and cheap. I have flats, prefolds, pre- fitteds and a few AI2s in my normal rotation, with some pockets and AIOs on hand for family or friends for easy changes. In the diaper bag I have receiving blanket flats and a couple of covers, a wet bag and flushable liners.

Once you create the habit of doing the laundry and finding which type of diaper works well for you, disposables will seem completely ridiculous. They don't work as well, they are uncomfortable for baby, and they are expensive!
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