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Wink Ugh, I wish!

I wish alcohol didn't transfer to breastmilk!

We are pretty well snowed in with no end to the snow in sight. I'm home with my 3 year old DS and 9 week old DD (and big dog who is excited about all the snow!). The three year old is being, well, THREE and the baby has been clingy and clusterfeeding, as well as not sleeping well (no long naps, just quick catnaps) for days now. I suspect a growth spurt, but I'm exhausted.

On top of that, DH just let me know that everyone is calling into work because of the snow, even though he lives farthest away and went in, so he will be working straight from open to close.

I know by the time he gets home at 10 or 11 tonight, I'll want nothing more than a hot bath and a cold beer but with Ivy eating so often and being so small, I'm going to have to skip it.

Anyone care to join me in an imaginary cocktail hour?
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