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Re: Neighbor kid just attacked DS with a wooden hammer

Originally Posted by proudsahmof4 View Post
I wouldn't allow any more playdates to happen with this child for the time being, and tell the other mom that you think the kids (I wouldn't put it on one child or the other) are at a phase that they are not bringing out the best behavior in each other. Perhaps in a few months you can try again and see if they've matured.

I didn't address the hammer incident because that has already been taken care of - but I would have been honest and direct about what happened that day when the playdate ended.
Thanks. This seems like a good way to say it. While I think the hammer incident was mostly her, in general the two of them don't get along very well (though they love each other and DS cries when she leave). I have to constantly intervene. Saying it this way to the other mom makes it clear that it's not just her kid, but the combination of the two.
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