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Originally Posted by Computermama
Here it's not based on school year but by calendar year. Kindy starts at age 4, so any child born in 2008 would be in junior kindy this year. My sister was a December birthday and she probably should have been red shirted - she struggled for the first several years of school until she was finally left back a year. My oldest on the other hand is an October birthday, so for the first 6 weeks I was putting her on the school bus she was 3. I was petrified, but watched her progress closely. Honestly she's doing awesome, reading really well, doing simple math easily, her teachers aren't just pleased with her, they're amazed by her. It's very much dependent on the child.
Here it goes by calendar year as well except
They start at 5. We dont have jk/sk. DD started this year And was 4 when she started (November birthday). This time last year I had planned to keep her home an extra year but I am SO glad I sent her. She is doing so well and loves it. She had tons Of friends, is reading, and looks forward to going every day.
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