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Re: Summer b-days and kindergarten

Originally Posted by aries416 View Post
See, that's where I struggle a bit. I know she would do fine academically. My DD has known all letters/sounds and numbers since she was 2. She's starting to teach herself how to read and learns concepts well. I have not really worked with her at all. Socially, she's just started really playing with other kids. She goes half days now and she is tired by the end of the half day. I'm a little concerned that all day K is just going to be a lot for her take in. BUT, at the same time, she is SO excited and she does not really need the support academically that a preschool would provide. Gah, so hard! I also don't want to push her too much and have her always be 1 step behind socially.
Does your dd go to preschool/Sunday school or other fairly structured activity? Last spring we talked to dd's various teachers to see if they all saw what we were seeing. Every adult who spent any amount of time with dd2 told us she was not ready (her sunday school teacher was a former K teacher even). They all said she had a lot of potential but she would not do well starting at a young 5. It helped to have other's opinions when we were deciding - particularly people who spent time with dd when we weren't around so potentially saw a different side to her.

Not the same at all - dd1 is quite smart. She knew her letters before age 2 and was reading at a 5th grade reading level in preschool. She is a november birthday so missed the cutoff dates here and was closer to 6 than 5 when she started K. Her personality is such that she doesn't know how to be bored so even though she was leaps and bounds ahead academically in K she was very happy. She was (is) quite sensitive and needed that year to mature. But another boy in her class was around the same age as her and bored out of his mind in K and always a troublemaker as a result. So I think how well they do in K when they are a bit advanced depends on their personality.
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