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Originally Posted by FernHollow View Post

Yes, I think they might be mine too. I was wavering on keeping them before they got here just because I was feeling so burnt out on cloth and systems that just were not going to work. I adore BGEs but they are just really more than I should spend and take a very long time to dry. I have loved Flips in the past but wanted the same organic as the BGEs and didn't like the bulk of the "night" organic prefolds. Saving money on utilities and not requiring and expensive stash is really great for me. I really prefer trim diapers so that regular clothes and regular diaper bags arent a problem. Also storage space is hard to come by in our house so having one little basket of something that really is a true OS is perfect.

Also I think these will be very versatile to use as changing pads, burp cloths, etc. I am just mad they finally came out with something so great when I would have liked them ages ago lol. Actually I am really at a point of needing simplicity and to save money so maybe it id perfect timing.
That is where I'm at too. When we first started cding I had a cheap stash of 18 premium pfs and covers. We used it for about a year happily then I found DS and got sucked into trying all different stuff
Due to wash issues I started using flats and wool. we did that for a year and the flats washed so easily! But then I got sucked back into trying new stuff. I am sick to death of it now and just need a stash that will save us money, wash easy, be trim, and be easy enough for grandparents and older siblings to use!

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