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Re: My Flip Daytime insert review with pics

Originally Posted by ServingHim View Post
That is where I'm at too. When we first started cding I had a cheap stash of 18 premium pfs and covers. We used it for about a year happily then I found DS and got sucked into trying all different stuff
Due to wash issues I started using flats and wool. we did that for a year and the flats washed so easily! But then I got sucked back into trying new stuff. I am sick to death of it now and just need a stash that will save us money, wash easy, be trim, and be easy enough for grandparents and older siblings to use!

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I totally get it! My almost 9yo dd just changed him for me since we are getting ready to run out the door. I expected her to put him in a sposie, but she she changed him into a new Flip and daytime insert, then put the cover to air out. She had no problem with it at all and actually put him in a pair of jeans that barely fit with a disposable. Mamas, these fit in his too small jeans. Yay! No worrying about pants fitting.
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