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Originally Posted by Treasures From Elf View Post
For the person talking about getting touched.

I absolutely HATE being touched. It didn't used to be this way but as time goes on and I've had more children and the number of people touching me increased, this is what happens.

I let anyone under the age of around 6 touch me whenever they need to. Occasionally, I will mention that I need space. Between 3-6, I teach them about personal boundaries.

Older than that, I prefer them to ask. I have valid reasons, that are mine and personal.

If ANY of them are hurt, I am there, tending to them, hugging them and loving on them. They are not lacking in physical touch. I give hugs every day to all of them, multiple times, whether I like to or not. I kiss them every day. I tell them I love them every day.

They are not emotionally or physically scarred.

Hugs. I absolutely know how hard it can be. My dh is the only one who can touch me as often as he wants. Idk why.
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