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Re: Summer b-days and kindergarten

DD is late July and we went ahead. She was ready to go. She is one of the youngest in her class but not the youngest. You can tell though- when I look at the writing stuff they do- who are the younger kids vs the ones that are 6 or will turn 6 during the school year. But she is right on course. Now ds who has a b-day in Oct and will still meet the cut off will not start at 4 (turning 5 on Oct). Even if I didn't already know that boys need the extra time there is an obvious difference between him at 2 and dd at 2. he will be 5 when he starts but turning 6 a month after school starts. He will also start pre-school earlier (dd started at 4) because he is more outgoing and more independent then she was. He walks right into the class and sits down, doesn't care a wit where I am. Where as dd would never leave my side and wasn't comfortable with idea of school until 4. I readiness varies greatly from child to child.
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