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Re: He wants to be in our bed. period.

J is the exact same way. She has a toddler bed at the foot of our bed, but she requires one of us to lie down on our bed, next to her, with a hand through the railing, in order to fall asleep. At about 2 in the morning, she crawls in to sleep with us, and we either sleep through it or are too tired to care. I weaned her at 13 months, but she still takes a bottle of water throughout the night.

About 45 minutes after she goes down, she wakes up again, one of us has to go up, soothe her back to sleep and then tiptoe out the room.

This past week (not realising she was sick [oops]) I foolishly thought I'd let her cry it out, and that surely she would give up and go back to sleep. Not so. Now her body is on hyper-alert to us leaving while she's asleep and even when she naps, we can't leave her. I'm not even allowed to put my glasses on (I take them off when I lie down next to her) .

So no advice, except CIO backfired on us in a big way.
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