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Re: Fully vaxing families?

I spread them out a little sometimes since 4 vaccines in one visit seems excessive (we did 2 last time, then going back for 2 more with the nurse this month). I think more vaccines at one time probably increases the risk of a reaction or interaction, and I would rather give my little guy's immune system time to respond to one or two vaccines at a time. I also will delay a vaccination appointment if he's sick, but we're more-or-less on schedule.

I don't usually get the flu vacc. unless I'm working in health care and I didn't get Gardisil, but it was pretty new when I was in the age window.

DH works at the hospital, so he is fully vaccinated.

The dogs usually only get their annual vaccines every other year now that they're 5 or 6 years old, unless they have to go to the kennel, but they're indoors only except for walks on leashes. No dog parks or playdates for us anymore, since dog #2 doesn't play well with others When we did, they were on-schedule.

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