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Re: Deciding not to breast feed in advancei

personally i breastfeed. we cant afford formula and in my opinion if my breasts allow me there is no reason why i shouldnt. however ever since day 2 its been a struggle. i didnt relies the commitment it meant.

i was molested at a young age and i really dont like the sensation it brings, but i have gotten over my issues and find it to be a wonderful opportunity to bond.

we also had feeding issues in the beginning. breastfeeding is an anxiety of weather i have enough or if i can be away from baby long enough with the milk provided. it also means that i am primarily the sole caregiver at night. i also have to keep a huge mental note on my health. its a huge responsibility and some times a burden.

if i ever had another baby i would probably bf for the sake of it being "the best" but i totally understand why women dont for any and all reasons.
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