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Re: Who uses Ambleside online or Charlotte Mason?

Well I went ahead and ordered LoF fractions. He has an easy time with math with the exception of fractions and percents and word problems. Being ASD the word problems are difficult because he can't separate out the extraneous information and figure out what he is supposed to do to solve the problem but he understands the "how and why" of math pretty well with the exception of fractions and percents. So I am hoping this will help him. I learn everything very simply out of books and that is how I prefer to learn. My problem with math was that I do things a bit differently that most other people so I had several math teachers that told me I was doing it wrong. Kearnan learns just fine from a text book but he gets distracted easily and can stare blankly at a wall for hours. I'm not sure if this will improve that or not. He doesn't do well with manipulatives like his brother and I am a bit worried because so far he has shown an inability to listen to lecture type lessons. I'm going to try to get him to read the book to himself as suggested and see how it goes. If he needs more support or practice I will put him on Khan academy. He has learned well from computers in the past but I don't want a full online curric again.
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