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Re: Transverse at 25+ weekes?

My last one was still transverse at my 32 week appointment! I was getting worried, but my OB said she would most likely turn by my 36 week appointment. I started looking at to help turn a transverse baby, and did the positions they recommended. I felt her move close to head down, and then flip back a little later. I kept doing this and also bought a support belt. Then after I got her feeling like she was head down, I'd put the support belt on to help keep her in place. I think she was transverse from my tummy being so stretched out from my previous baby so adding the support belt helped keep her in the right position. When I went in for my 36 weeks appointment, she was head down and my OB said to stop any spinningbabies exercises since we didn't want her to move again. I went into labor just under 2 weeks later. It was written in my file that I had a flip-flop baby, so they did a quick ultrasound to check position when I went in and she was still head down!
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