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Re: Baby gagnam style video makes brain hurt....

Honestly, if this family came into one of our car seat checks, we would all be SO IMPRESSED by how well they are doing compared to what we usually see. Would I like to see the baby rear facing? Of course, but it is likely that she is old enough and heavy enough to be legally FF. Her straps are nice and tight and her chest clip is pretty close to where it should be. And she's using a seat that is allowed to face forward (whereas many people just turn around their infant seat). Ditto for the little girl - I wouldn't booster a child that young, but she is likely in the age range listed on the booster itself, and it positions the seatbelt pretty well on her, and from what I can tell, the belt is routed correctly. Plus through the course of the video, she didn't really move around too terribly much - and definitely wasn't putting the seatbelt behind her back or whatnot.

The thing to keep in mind with car seat safety is that the vast majority of parents assume that if they read the label and follow the height/weight/age recommendations, then they're doing fine. It accomplishes NOTHING to be critical of families who care enough about their children to do those things. There are plenty of other families who are doing far less. The ones I'm concerned about are the ones who don't read or follow labels, use seats inappropriately, etc, and somehow assume that their kids will be fine because, after all, the parents somehow made it to adulthood, so surely their kids will too.
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