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Re: Trainer dilemma!

We had Grovia trainers briefly. They run way too small, even with the plus size panels, the pocket is small and the stitching rips easily (we had to return ours as the pocket ripped after a week).

I really love the Flip Trainers. We have a bunch (we've had them for over a year now) and they work really great. My son is over 40 lbs (he has huge thighs and a good sized tummy) but still not ready to potty full time so I double stuff them with 2 of the Flip Trainer inserts and they easily stand up to his heavy wetting overnights. They are very trim and I have no problem with them fitting under any of my son's clothing. And he can easily pull them off and on when he does use the potty. To make them stay dry, I put the Flip trainer inserts inside a Cotton Babies stay dry sock and when we were hit by hurricane Sandy and had weeks of no power, I used the Flip trainer covers with disposable Flip inserts. It's a perfect fit.
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