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Re: What was the thriftiest decision or change your family made?

I got through phases of being really thrifty and not depending on how busy my life is etc. But the things that work for me or are:

Cloth diapers(obviously this can be $$ depending on your love of fluff)- for me I love the convenience as you are never out of CD, but you can be out of sposies, I use them now and then and hate buying more

Making own cleaners, dr bronners is the best...

Coupons - I'm never a hard core couponer, but the pace I like is just going to walgreens once a week to pick up the shampoo/cond/body wash/toothbrush items. That saves a bunch of money. I find I can do that for a few months and then I'm good for the rest of the year. Food is hit and miss, some items like yogurts or granola bars/cereal that I always buy anyway.

Meal plan-when I do it, which isn't as much as I like

Kids-I don't want to eat out anymore! Much more enjoyable eating at home

Packing snacks/lunches- saves a ton with zoo outings, parks etc

Water bottles- bring everywhere in warm weather

K-cups- strange but true, I used to always snag a coffee out and about, even Mcdonalds ones, but now I know I can be home in 2 mins and have a really nice k-cup coffee it's stopped me. Plus I'm not wasting a pot or half pot.

Buying "nice" food- stops you from longing to eat out, spend more

Convenience food- good to have something stashed in the freezer for those crazy days

Memberships- pool and zoo and we are set for the summer, make lots of use out of these in our family.

Library- love the library for books, dvd's, games if the kids have earned it.

Buying used- clothes, baby equipment etc.....

Reselling- reselling helps out hugely with new purchases that have to be made. Baby needs new shoes.....sell off his clothes that are too small and you have the money for shoes.....
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