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Re: Being forced back to a doctor...

I had the pap done. But then again I have history of abnormal paps so I have to be on top of getting checked regularly.

As far as "checking" you, do you mean the cervical checks towards the end of pregnancy? I declined all of those. I did allow myself to be checked after my water broke, and a few times during the labor process. But no one did anything to me that I did not want them to do.

Just speak up for yourself. Don't "throw a fit" but simply say "No, I do not consent. This is what I want unless it's an emergency situation. And even then, I need to be notified of why you want to do something." Make sure your husband knows your wishes too, so that he can step in if for some reason you cannot communicate yourself. Or don't want to talk to anyone.

God bless!
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