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Re: What was the thriftiest decision or change your family made?

Truly the biggest thing that has saved us money beyond all the typical tips is adopting a fairly radical minimalist lifestyle. Money was not the reason we were drawn into simplifying our lives, but has been a huge added benefit. We are no longer prone to impulse purchases and tend to plan out purchases in advance. When you go this route is no big deal usually to buy certain items higher quality and still save tons of $ because you spend so little money otherwise.

When you have a short list of "needs" it becomes easy to find the best prices on everything and still have room to let a few items be higher priced. For example I buy lots of fresh produce, inexpensive bulk bags of rice, make homemade sourdough bread each week (so easy!), avoid packaged food and lots of other ways to keep our food budget low, but I have no problem buying a big block of $20 fancy cheese or the items to make a nice gourmet meal on occasion. I choose simplicity in our cooking 95% of the time so the little splurges make it no big deal to stick to it the rest of the time. It is like that in most other areas of our life. You dont end up feeling deprived and end up blowing your budget, it becomes a natural practice.

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