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Originally Posted by Dancingham
Hi everyone. My name is Hayley. I am 23, my husband, Nate is 24. We just got married 12-21-12 (the day that the world did NOT end. ) We found out on January 17th that we are expecting our first little one. It is a little overwhelming. Hubby is taking his last two classes to get his bachelors in Youth Ministry in order to become a youth pastor. So, I know that we will most likely never be wealthy, but the Lord's work is very gratifying. This was a conviction that I grew up with, my mother came to this way of thinking after my dad had a vasectomy after only having three children. While she wishes she could've had more, she is so thankful for the children she does have.
Nate and I are open to God's leading in this area. And yes, (to the person who asked about fear) it does seem scary sometimes. I am in my early twenties, and apparently quite fertile (getting pregnant in first month of marriage), but I do believe that God knows what we can handle, and that as long as you are honest with Him, and trusting Him with everything, He will take care of you, as one of His children. I actually can't imagine myself with less than four, but part of this mindset does include simply being grateful with what you have. (Of course, I would be open to adoption as well, if something happens and we can only have a few biologically. . .) Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself, as a mommy-to-be who is just starting out on a long, love-filled journey.

BTW, I do chart my cycles, just for the fact that I can know when to expect AF. I see nothing wrong with understanding your body.
We share an anniversary! We have a few years on you though, like 16. Looks like you made good use of the longest night if the year. Hey hey!

~Rebekah~Mother of 9, 6 of whom I have the honor of raising, 3 with Jesus..
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