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Re: Summer b-days and kindergarten

My oldest has an August birthday and cutoff here is Sept. 1st. We really didn't question sending him. We did however HS him until then. He is very tall for his age. Easily one of the tallest in his class even though he was the youngest. He is also very mature for his age and was academically ready. While he had just turned 5 there were kids in the class already 6 when school started so of course the difference was noticeable. However he did just fine, great even. Academically he is on par if not ahead of many of his classmates. He's in 1st this year and doing just fine. He is not as savvy socially as the older boys but I think that's also due to his personality. I can't imagine if he were in Kindy this year. He is just so far above the other kids socially even though they are the same age. Heck some are older than him. I think I would take it on a kid by kid basis. My DD is nowhere near where DS1 was at this age academically so I would probably make a different decision for her.
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