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Re: Trainer dilemma!

I don't understand the flip trainers. We got one and used it once. How do you pull up something with rise snaps? they just come unsnapped! My son is 3 about 35lbs. If fit him on the middle rise. I put a BG OS MF and a Med JB Hemp in a stay dry sock for night time and couldn't get a good seal. I was going to try another combination but I couldn't pull them up without trouble so I gave up. (I do have one to sell with no inserts, only used once)

We are just looking for nighttime too. I know that this combo (BG OS MF and a Med JB Hemp) works for him at nightime so I needed a pocket with stay dry.

I am really liking the Snap Ez pocket. We also tried the bumwear trainers - they are wider between the legs though. My son is sorta inbetween med and large in the bumwear, the med is hard to pull up, but the larges left red marks on the legs, I think from chafing and looked poofy. I think he's probably about inbetween sizes on the snap ez too, but the large worked well last night. he also peed a fair amt and looked less big and poofy.

Of course I have 4 bumwear and 1 snap ez so I need to decide if I can get the bumwear to work or get more snap ez -- I really hope our nighttime trainer search is over one way or another. I've been on the search for the prefect trainer since last june, I'm ready to be done and stop spending money.

Willing to sell now:
1 flip trainer used once (no inserts)
1 Large Snap EZ AIO (not for night & feel wet)
1 4t Antsy Pants (AIO with pocket)

Soon to sell:
I believe I will soon be willing to part with at least these the 3 girly med bumwear trainers as well... Possible the 4 larges, time will tell on those though.
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