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Re: Basically it's the weekend!

Glad you are enjoying the snow Mel. The roads on the way to Walmart were AWFUL, glare ice. On the way home melted.

I threw a bit of a fit on Walmart this morning. They had 8 20 item or less check stands open with two being TOTALLY empty. Then 4 regular check stands open with 10 people or more in each line. We had 30 items and I was not going to stand in a long line when check stands were wide open the clerk turned us AWAY then stalked me to show all the regular stands open. I noted they were full of people and she and the person next to here still had NO customers...I may have noted that a bit LOUDLY...anyway she tried to say she had not turned me away. I said REALLY you said I had too many items. Then looked at Jerry and suggested we just go to Safeway and the $ store. Oh wait I will check you out right now. You bet you will honey! When a check stand is sitting empty for more than 10 minutes and you have 10 customers waiting in another line, don't you thing you need to make exceptions to the 20 item or less rule. So tired of Walmart's CS. If I could get the flour I like anywhere else I would!
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