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Wow that's a hard one. I wouldn't expect to remain friends with the Mom after that conversation the way you have framed it.
Believe me I understand, I wouldn't want that child at my house either!

You could put it more gently and frame it as you not having the time/energy ect to watch " Rosie"

That is destructive behaviour but 3.5 is still pretty little. It sounds like she is maybe seeking attention with this behaviour or using it as an outlet for frustration. Some kids are not like that and with my Dd1she wouldn't have behaved in that way.
Ds1did things like empty a bottle of hair product down my register at 4.

Best of luck

Eta I just read your other threads. I personally wouldn't want to be friends with parents who let their kid run wild all over my house. The bullying is another thing as well that would make me not have this child over.

To the buck wheat pillow though it would make me mad but its not out of the range of normal behaviour.
At 3 yes they may no better but some lack impulse control when something looks fun to get into.

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