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Originally Posted by Hungry Caterpillar
I transitioned like this

Paci and I will hold you and sort of meander around the room
Paci and I will hold you, but in a chair, sitting still
Multiple pacis in the crib that he can find on his own when he wakes up and has trouble soothing himself

It took a while, but he seemed to respond to taking away one thing at a time. Around 10-11 months finally when he woke up in his crib he would look around for the pacifier and then put himself back to sleep.
I tried reading no cry sleep solution and nothing seems to work although I know I need to make sure he nurses more during the day. We cosleep at night and he nurses everytime he wakes up.. So last night he slept in his cosleep from like 11:10-1am then he nursed back to sleep til like 230 beside me.. Nursed again.. Then like 345.. Then around 515-530 and up by 645.. Not to mention I held him so Dh and I could watch a show lol so he slept from like 830-11 on me maybe nursing twice. I need to get him to nurse more during the day as well because he is getting a ton of his nutrition during the night
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