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Re: Trainer dilemma!

Here's our experience:

Grovia & Flip - Came unsnapped when he pulls them up.

Flip - Leaked a lot (he's just under 30 lbs).

Best Bottom - Leaked a lot.

Superundies - Weird fit and didn't hold enough

Tinkle Time Trainers (Ladder Hill or Rainshine Designs) - Just a tiny bit small in the thigh, hard to pull up, but very very functional (I sewed them myself).

I don't have time for more sewing and am tired of sposie pull-ups, and can't spend $25 each ... so now I'm trying Imse Vimse trainers under wool longies or soakers. Woolybottoms are only $21 at the Cottonbabies store here, I found Woolybottoms longies FSOT for under $20 each, and Imse Vimse trainers are $15. So getting a handful of the Imse Vimse and 4 Woolybottoms is very economical ... and he's already covered for pants.
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