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Update...I have no idea what actually was going on, but every test I took kept getting lighter until I got no line at all. I never had bleeding though. I still haven't a period other than that one day of bleeding on CD 32 ( maybe a miscarriage of a super early pregnancy due to the presence of the IUD). I didn't get the heavy scary period that why with the copper IUD, just tons of cramping and back pain...not sure what to think of it all, but its def been a bad 4 months for me in terms of my fertility. My IUD is out and I don't know what I can do for birth control, I don't want artificial hormones but I also have two very busy kids and have no family near by and just moved states 4 months ago. I have never had help after having a baby (not even a day) let alone even a sitter in the past 4 years, so we'd like to keep our family at 4

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