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Re: Do you have someone stay with you after the birth?

With my first my MIL came a month before he was due, and stayed until he was 6 mo old...... Okay, I didn't need nor did I want the help that she provided, it was like babysitting a teenager!!!

With My Second I told her she was not to come until she was invited! I lasted 2 weeks with a colicy baby, not being able to move due to being hit by a truck as a pedestrian the day before he was born and having a 2.5 yr old. She came out... STILL NO HELP!!!

So with our third because I figured I was being rude not letting her come out for 2 wks with our 2nd She came out right after he was born..... She sat there on her butt while I was bfing a newborn, and trying to get a 18mo old and a 4 yr old dressed to get the 4yo to preschool before 8am (over 35 min drive to the school) and all she did to "help" was say, "its amazing what you can do with 1 hand!!!" UGHHHHH

So she asked me this time if she could come out.... Thank GOODNESS I have 6 different due dates that none of them match up to eachother and so I told her I wouldn't be able to give her a good time frame for baby to be here.
and what is she going to help with this time? I'll have all 3 in school and I usually cook and freeze at least 2 weeks worth of meals before baby gets here.

I would LOVE it if someone would come out and actually HELP me, with cooking, cleaning etc, but when this tornado leaves, the kitchen needs repainted (because she will leave things boiling on the stove and it will melt the pain on the walls near the stove, if it doesn't ruin them from splatter) and all my pans are usually ruined (nonstick, she chooses to go out and buy brillow pads for them every time) it has cost me over 300.00 to redo the messes she makes every time she has visited me (and its not just for births that she visits). --- She finally quit cooking at my house about 2 years ago when I threw the biggest fit after trying to tell her nicely about 20 times that I would do all the cooking so she could relax. . . it took a complete blow up for her to understand I didn't want her taking over my kitchen (including moving all the things around)
So my experiences have been NIGHTMARES. I am praying however that a few friends stop by and lend a hand this time around. - which I am sure they will, I have really good friends now, and all of them need a baby fix, so even if they take the baby for a few minutes for me to cook dinner it would be awesome.

I don't mean to sound ungreatful, but this woman makes it very hard to appreciate having "help" around. Now my mother on the other hand, we moved in 4 days before DS 3 was born, she put my entire kitchen together, steam cleaned the bedrooms, I could not thank her enough, but I think the difference between it being YOUR mom and HIS Mom is huge, Your mom knows your limits and when you are getting irritated, HIS mom may not be that observant.
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