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Originally Posted by fishingfor5 View Post
Thanks it is healing to be here if that makes sense.

I am very new to all of this as I said it has never been a problem in my past. I have been chalking my problems up to breastfeeding and age. I am leary to take more as she did not give me but 30 pills with no refill. Also, some other worries I have are the fact that I am breastfeeding and how it affects dd, will it cause my body to not be able to miscarry in the event that my body "should"? (if that makes sense) I am also on low dose aspirin and not even sure I should be taking that but too scared to quit now. But I am also worried if it will affect dd through my milk. Not a lot of great info out there for Pregnant Breastfeeding on progesterone and low dose aspirin. Most sites give info for full dose aspirin. AND DD started running a high fever today so now I am worred even more about taking the baby aspirin on the rare chance it causes Reye's syndrome. Last night at about 3:00 am when I went to the bathroom there was a rust/pink smudge on tp. Nothing since then but the cramps (like menstrual cramps) have been strong. It reminds me of afterbirth pains when you BF a newborn. As you can see I am a mess and find it allmost Psychotic since this is my 10th pregnancy but will be 6th child. Sorry for rambling, really need to give this over and leave it there.

I wish she would have at least tested my Progesterone levels before the RX. Now I won't know if I needed it or not and I have no idea when to stop! GAH!

Did your doc tell you to wean at 12 weeks or did you make the decision?

Elena - I completely agree with the others about your flowers. How absolutely beautiful. My dh bought me a charm bracelet with each birth month of all my babies- living and in heaven. I love it.

Sorry for the long post ladies. I hope you don't regret having me!
Even if your levels were good, its ok to be on it anyway & your placenta takes over progesterone production around 10-12 wks thus the reason you wean off at 12 wks.

My doctor put me on it after my 5 wk m/c in Dec. 11. I would start taking it 3 days after O each cycle. I had 2 more losses, 8 wk in March & a CP in August. We were trying to avoid when I conceived this bean & didn't start it until about 5-6 wks along. I'm 17 wks tomorrow!
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