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Re: Defiant little girl...I have to tell my friend that her DD can't play with DS any

yikes what did the parent do when all that was happening?

I had a client come over once with her kids (I dont allow that anymore cause of what followed)

the kids took out the kids cassette tapes, old ones you cannot replace that we loved, and ripped them all out. then proceeded to do that to our movies... the mom did NOTHING. didnt even offer to pay for them (it was easily $50 worth of stuff wrecked)
the living room was a covered mess of all this, plus books ripped. I was so stunned I just didnt know what to say, but I certainly didnt say "oh thats ok." i probably said this isnt good. those were out favorite toys.

she just didnt have a clue and left. I am STILL pissed off to this day about it.

I can say if my kids ruin something or make a mess, I try to help pick up and I would pay for something if that happened. I also am the type that disciplines others kids now and readily scold my kids for not behaving.
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