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Re: Any "real"/traditionally nourished (or paleo) foodies in here?

Super helpful! Thank you!

Originally Posted by Melinda29 View Post
We also buy thru Azure Standard and the Nebraska Food Coop. It's a little tricky getting started because the best prices from Azure are bulk prices, like I have 15 pounds of pasture butter coming this month--a year's worth--but it is only $5.30/pound that way. I buy their dry beans in 5 pound bags and cook it all at once--in the oven--and then freeze in 1 3/4 cup portions to use instead of canned beans. It saves both time and money to buy and prep in bulk, but there is a learning curve.

I buy usually 25 pounds of meat at a time from the Nebraska Food Coop (6 months worth, as the nutrient quality of meat decreases over time in the freezer). We typically eat 1 pound each of grassfed beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken, and wild caught fish per week, plus 1-2 dozen eggs. I roast the chickens whole, then shred the meat off the carcass for use later, then make broth from the bones.

I do a big garden every spring and freeze as much produce as possible for the winter, even traditionally canned things like tomatoes and applesauce. I can very little, basically just the fruit from my pear trees and jam from my currant bushes. Canning really destroys most of the nutrients present, so I avoid it when possible.

It took me about 3 years to totally transition over to a real foods lifestyle. Partly it was sourcing foods, partly it was stocking up my bulk purchases to get the best pricing (because I couldn't afford to buy 15 pounds of butter AND 25 pounds of beef AND 20 pounds of beans all at once), but mostly it was learning HOW to cook this way and use my time efficiently. It takes more time and more money, but it is worth it.

My fave resource:
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