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Hoverers: A little bit of everything at good prices, Lots of girly and mediums, but some random too! Random Fitted MYSTERY FLUFF, Mutts, Kissaluv Marvels, Stay dry Flip inserts, diaper making innards, random FFS wool and inserts.

Check out all of my diapers HERE:

Won't be offended by offers or trades, but keep shipping costs in mind and don't be offended if I counter! Please make any offers as PMs
3 small Meg a Roos trainers. $15ppd. Still soft velour inside, some pillyness on outside. Got them off FSOT, too small for my DD.

All in ones:

Kissaluv Marvels. 5 for $70ppd. Or MMARO These are an AIO with a fleece inners and microfiber insert sewn in at one end tongue style. The insert self agitates and turns the diaper inside out. These were one of my favorite diapers for night use (stuffed with hemp) but sadly she has grown too much to wear fully stuffed. Good daytime too with stay dry inners.

One of the green is a slightly different color from bleach or sun fading. Slightly pilly on the inside, as normal for fleece. Otherwise great condition.

Have 2 green, 2 chocolate and 1 pink.


Large Drybees and Small Embroidered Preston Pants (SOLD)- $6PPD each. Both in VGUC, but missing insert. I have at least one blueberry hemp/microfiber insert that could be added.


Have 5+ random fitteds. Mostly medium and girly. WAHM brands or unlabeled. $6 ppd per diaper, $8 for mutts. Please buy multiple or with other diapers, don't want to mail out a lonely diaper! Pics to follow, PM me with interest.

FFS (Free for shipping) :FFS shipping item with purchase. Will figure out incremental cost for added shipping.

A bunch of girly t-shirts 6-12 months. Were great for use with woolies. Old Navy, Gap, etc.

Sweetiebums fitted with shot elastic - FFS. Super absorbant WAHM fitted with beautiful colors. Too bad the elastic is shot. My friend made some awesome diapers using just the insides. Think it is the only way to make shipping worth it is just use insert. It's an awesome insert with at least 4 layers of natural fiber + a little pod that can be customized for more absorbency for boy or girl!!

Two nice big hemp/fleece contours, random doublers, super soft OBV flat with cherry print on the back, couple small fleece covers, small cott'n cover pink swaddle blanket.

Old Navy boots 0-3M

I will try and ship ASAP, usually next day, but I am a working mama, so please have patience with me. Mostly seeking PP, might be interested in trade for flats with snappi or boingo, medium trainers, P90X videos.

Mama to three littles. DS1 W born 05/07, DD R born 07/11 and new little bundle DS2 J born 11/13

My mixed lot listed here:

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