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Re: Anyone else leave their childbearing up to God?

Hi, everybody! I have never posted here but have read most of the thread. I just wanted to talk with some like-minded ladies and get this all out! We don't have any friends or family who trust God with their family size,but I know you mamas will get it and can speak from experience!

My dh and I are both Christians. We were raised in Christian homes, are blessed to have Christian family(siblings and their spouses)my dh was called to preach at a young age and he now pastors the church we attend. My dad is a pastor and my brother is also a preacher.
Although we were raised by Christian parents, both sets of parents(his and mine) had two kids and were done. We knew families growing up that let God decide how many children to give them, but we also remember our families thinking they were odd or that "their beliefs are their business and not for everyone". So we never knew much about trusting God with our childbearing.

Going into marriage, we had discussions about kids. We thought maybe we'd have two or three. It was just something we'd deal with when it came.
So, now we have five. Four were very planned(we would just stop whatever method of birth control we were using at the time) and our fifth was a surprise(birth control pills and breastfeeding). After our fifth was born, God started opening our eyes and showing us that He would love for us to give this to Him and let Him bless us as He sees fit.
Now, the hard part...I am definitely(somewhat?) ready to trust God and watch Him bless and provide, and dh is too, but we are being bombarded by fear and worry. For instance, we don't have a vehicle big enough for any more kids, we worry about doing a good job raising more children, we say we want to trust the Lord for another, but what if God wants to bless us with ten more...on and on and on...

Now, we know and have always believed that God can and will provide our every need. We have seen it happen too many times. We have never doubted that, but now when we are on the verge of taking this step of faith, the fear is HUGE!
The Lord has helped me with alot of it, and I'm to the point where I feel like this isn't something we need to pray about any more. I feel like we know what God expects of us and we should do it.
My dh, on the other hand, is a worrier. He wants to have everything figured out before we do anything. If we had a bigger vehicle, he would be ready for another baby today, but the uncertainty really gets him.

I am now just waiting and praying and watching the Lord work. I know He wants to show us what He has for us, and I know He will take care of us when we finally turn this over to Him!
Sorry that was so long! But I sure feel better now!
Lovin' being married to my hard workin' preacher husband and mama to my five super kiddos!
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