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Originally Posted by bradcher View Post
Any tips on the "good" aldis items? We haven't been disappointed but hae only gone a few times. We like from there:
low fat string cheese
all produce/veggies were good. don't know their shelf life?
good milk
cream cheese
turkey bacon
frozen veggies
cereal bars
fresh salsa
gallon size bags
what else???
We get many items there. The yogurt is great. My 4 yo loves the almond milk. The ice cream is ok. The popcicles are good. Ground beef is also mainly good. Their "velveeta" is extremely salty but works great with chili for party dip.

Definately avoid the Kirk(something or other) chicken strips by the cheese. They are NOT Tyson. The frozen fit activ kind are tasty though. Also their fake Good Humor bars are disgusting.

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