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Re: Basically it's the weekend!

Well, you can pretend you don't get the time off after all.

I have never seen a griddle like that Janine. Could you make pancakes on that, or is it too high a heat or something?

We went to a "Houston"-style (my definition) Asian buffet tonight. Meaning, a huge chinese restaurant buffet that has Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese food, and then buffalo wings, pizza, and ice cream. All that was missing were the tortillas and refried beans. Our only mistake was not going there for lunch instead of dinner. Oops. It has been so long since we ate Asian food out I forgot that they serve almost the same thing for dinner but charge more.

Then we went to the Meijers closer to this house and I had all the same issues I always do there, they are out of whatever I need, the people in front of me need to do three different transactions, write checks, declined cards, etc and it takes forever even if there is only two people in front of me. Which is why I usually drive farther to go to our old one but this one was near the restaurant. Not how I wanted to spend my Saturday night, LOL.

I am wiped out. Won't have to rock me to sleep tonight.
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