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Redness with Flips

We just switched our 14 month old daughter to cloth and are using the Flips cover with the stay dry liner insert. I notice that after using the liner she gets progressively redder with each diaper change....I used a Glow Bug pocket dipe on her last night for the first time CDing overnight and it seemed to work really well with no redness this morning that I noticed....the label says it's polyester lined, with the insert being microfiber like the Flips liner......I am new to CD, so I'm trying to figure out if I need to sew some polyester into her Flip liners and make them pockets maybe?? Anybody else have this issue? I don't think it's my soap cause I make my own due to soap sensitivities in the house and she's been fine with it so far. Not sure which way to try.....
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