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SOLD and TRADED, please delete!

FSOT: The beautiful and illustrious Kobalt Rouge Indio size 2 (2.85 meters) 125ppd. Linen slubs and nubs with a pull here and there as this is well loved and beautiful! Super squishy and supportive, I just prefer longer wraps right now!

Didymos Snowflakes (wool) size 4 (3.9 meters), $110ppd. No felting! Dyed (not by me) with Koolaid so that the red is a richer maroon color and the snowflakes blend in more with the wrap but have a sparkly subtleness. Gorgeous color and hard to photograph!

Cat friendly and smoke free home. Will wash and lint roll wraps to ensure as few hairs as possible hitch hike to your home!

International shipping friendly: I cover first 10 and you cover the rest!

ISOs: The only things that I am curious about are Ganesha Elephants or Hemp India but you're welcome to try!
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