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Re: Help! which one to buy for older harnessed child?

Originally Posted by ltlmrs View Post
Actually the Harmony Defender goes up to 57" harness just like Frontier does. But, the weight limit is lower and it's 57" in booster mode too vs the 65" on the Frontier. If space and money were not issues, I'd go with a Frontier though, my sister just bought two of these for her K-ers and they are very nice car seats.
... and that's why the stated overall height limit is not the end of the story. Blame it on the government. Manufacturers are required by law to state an upper height and weight limit for their seats. However, to get the whole story, you need to read about the limits in the manual. All seats that I know of (except the Radian) say that the seat is outgrown (forward facing) when the kid's shoulders are above the top harness slots. So even though the Defender and Frontier may have the same stated overall height limit, the Frontier will last much longer (by height) because it has higher top slots.
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