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Help! At a loss...

So...we are going to have baby #3 this June. I feel like Im ready to be done and 3 is enough but hubby is thinking we might want more down the road.
I dont know what a good option would be for BC, I originally wanted to do something permanent but since he doesnt know if we should have more I cant do that anymore.
Anytime I've taken birth control...Patch or pills...I have gotten dizzy and light headed often. Plus I honestly have a huge fear of gaining weight (please dont judge, Im a healthy size normally...5'7 125lbs) I just dont want to have that issue because of birth control.
After I had my DD I got the copper IUD and it caused so much pain. My period was crazy heavy, I would have it for 2 weeks straight, off a week, and be on it again for another 2 weeks. So that didnt work. NFP doesnt work because we dont like using condoms and I dont trust us enough to use them everytime Im ovulating and it's too hard to abstain during those times.
Any other ideas???
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